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Custom Gates & Gate Openers

black customized gate of the house

Katy Fence Pros offers our dear customers with the chance to have custom designed Gates and gate openers on their property. Custom made gates are tailor made to exactly suit your Property’s needs and requirements. As a result your new gate can be made from whatever material you’d like and the gate can be designed to stylishly enhance your Aesthetic. Custom made gates will also enhance security and overall functionality as they’re specifically created to suit your property. If you would like to learn more about our excellent custom gates and gate openers, get in touch with today.


Tailor Designed for Your Property

Custom gates and gate openers are tailor Designed to suit your Property’s specific needs and requirements. As a result, you can choose the materials used in your gate. Alongside this, you can choose to add stylish features to enhance aesthetics or improve security. Custom gates can also be made to seamlessly function in your property, even if there are slopes or uneven ground present. Custom made gates and gate openers will always be ideally made and custom built to ensure that your gate fits perfectly with surrounding features on your land.


Suit Your Property’s Aesthetic

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to investing in custom gates and gate openers, is the benefits that you will receive when it comes to your Property’s finish. A well designed, well built and properly installed gate will surely enhance the Property’s curb appeal. When this happens, your home is surely going to attract more attention from potential buyers if you choose to sell. This in turn will likely to lead to an increase in your property value. Therefore, investing in a custom gate may end up paying for itself, should you choose to sell the property at some point 9n the future.


Improved Functionality

Functionality is important on any property. When features of your property do not function seamlessly it can be annoying, time consuming and incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re running late. There are few things more annoying than a poorly installed gate that’s difficult to maneuver. Luckily, when you invest in a custom gate, you can pretty much guarantee that your new gate will fit perfectly and function flawlessly. This is due to the custom design that perfectly fits your Property’s, size and space. To guarantee improved functionality, invest in a high quality custom gate.



Security should always be a concern, especially when it comes to access points like doors or gates. The most likely way that trespassers and thieves will enter your property is either though or over a gate. Therefore, it makes sense that you invest in some security features for your gate. You can fit spikes on top of gates, or you can I stall a high gate that’s difficult to climb. This will deter opportunistic criminals as your home will seem like too much hard work to steal anything. As a result, you can rest easier at night with a stylish custom made gate and gate openers.

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