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Fence Painting and Staining

worker painting the wood

Katy Fence Pros offers our dear customers excellent fence painting and staining services. We offer top-class painting and staining that has numerous benefits for your property. Adding paint and stains to fences will prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your fence. Paint and rust also stop rust, mold, and rot from setting in and damaging your fence. On top of this, paint and staining also have huge aesthetic benefits, which could increase property value if you choose to sell. To learn more about our fence painting and staining services, contact us by phone or email today.


Prevent Sun Damage

The sun gives off light that comes crashing through space and into the earth. However, some sunlight is beneficial while other forms are especially harmful. Ultra Violet Light or UV, as it’s more commonly known, causes harm to a number of materials. UC light causes damage to wood and some forms of metal. UV lights cause discolorations and cracks to appear in surfaces also. As a result, it’s imperative that your take the time to protect your fence against harmful UV rays. To protect your fence from sun damage, hire us to apply an outdoor paint or staining. The darker the stain, the better protection your fence will have against UV rays.


Stop Rust from Forming

Metal fences are strong, durable, long lasting and stylish. As a result they are fantastic materials to use for fencing on your property. Although some metal fences have a major flaw, rust. Metals like wrought iron, or just other alloys with high iron content can he vulnerable to rust. Rust occurs when certain metals come into contact with oxygen and water. Therefore, you can stop rust from forming and damaging your metal fences by adding a layer of paint or other sealants. This will keep the water and air away from your fence so that you won’t have any rust forming.


Prevent Rot and Mold

Wooden fences are a classic choice. They have an old-school appeal and have been used for fencing for thousands of years. However, wooden fences are vulnerable to rot and mold when improperly installed or without sufficient protection against the elements. Paint and stains form a protective seal around wooden fences; this seal keeps out mold and water so your fence can remain strong for years to come. Ensuring that you get an even coat of paint or stain onto wooden fences is critical in protecting them against mold.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Most people paint their fences for aesthetic reasons. While painting or staining a fence can protect the materials against the elements and prolong the fence’s lifespan. Painting and staining can also massively enhance your fence’s visual appeal. A well-painted fence can massively enhance the property atmosphere and our curb appeal boost. As a result, your property will be much more attractive to potential buyers should you choose to sell. Therefore investing in a professional team to paint and stain your fences, can actually pat for itself when you decide to sell your home.

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