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Wrought Iron Fencing

black iron fence in the backyard

Katy Fence Pros offers our customer our excellent wrought-iron fencing services. Wrought-iron is a popular choice for fencing for a number of reasons. Wrought-iron is strong and durable and easily able to withstand most impacts and damages. Wrought Iron is also aesthetically pleasing with tonnes of variation in designs available. You can also choose to use a wrought-iron fence for security purposes as wrought-iron is strong and can be installed up to a height of your choosing. However, wrought-iron does require care and maintenance to prevent it from rusting. To learn more about our wrought-iron fencing, get in touch with us today by phone or via email.


Strong and Durable

Wrought iron is an impressively strong and durable building material. As a result, your wrought Iron Fencing is unlikely to be damaged or scratched unless hit by a massive impact like a traffic collision. On top of this, wrought-iron fencing can last for decades as long as the right maintenance and care is carried out. Wrought Iron is prone to rusting as it’s a ferric metal. Therefore, paint or another sealant must be applied to keep the Iron from oxidizing and rusting. However, with the right treatments in place your wrought-iron fencing will stand string against the test of time.


Improve Your Curb Appeal

Wrought Iron Fencing can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your home. We’ll designed and stylish wrought iron fencing can massively enhance how your property is viewed. Iron fences provide you with a classy and elegant finish alongside their practical applications. We’ll maintained wrought Iron fences also retain their value as they’re appealing to potential buyers. When your home has great curb appeal and attracts a lot of attention, you will surely receive more money for your property if you choose to sell in the future.


Security Features

If security is a priority of yours, wrought Iron fencing may be the perfect option for you. Iron fences can be built as high as you need to protect your property and prevent trespassers from gaining access. You can also add features like spikes to the top of wrought Iron fences, depending on where you live, for some extra protection. Wrought Iron fencing can also be buried a couple of feet below the ground so no one can dig or slide underneath without significant effort. Wrought Iron Fencing is also far stronger and more durable than alternatives like wood or chain link fencing.


Care and Maintenance

While there are many fantastic benefits to choosing wrought Iron for the Fencing in your property, Iron has some drawbacks. First if all, wrought Iron will rust when exposed to water and oxygen over time. This will not only harm the aesthetic appeal of your Fencing but rust will also cause the fence to decay. To prevent this from happening your wrought Iron Fencing will require care and maintenance. You will need to paint ot apply a protective coating to a wrought Iron fence every year or so.

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